In the name of Almighty ALLAH the Gracious, the Compassionate

CoBros, Dossary Group of Companies, strives to get best value to all our business partners. Providing them the environment of professionalism. Over the years Dossary Group of Companies has expanded the business successfully to different profitable divisions, having the best team with wide professional experience. Dossary Group of Companies always looking forward to be proactive and ahead with international groups and ahead in market.

Our business as CoBros, based on very strong and profitable portfolio. With different projects, our companies are always looking to be the best of the best in the corporate market. We do appreciate new ideas and innovative businesses. Each of our companies deal with independency, and we operate them with high standards of performance management. We started our business with two core principles i.e. sincerity and trust, that’s why we are successful in industry. We strongly believe on these two principles. We deal with our business partners, staff, and customers with Trust and Sincerity.

When Dossary Group of Companies looking for an opportunity, we go with high level of business visibility and studies. From this point, CoBros has established a large network and is well experienced in kingdom. For us, we always looking for new strategies to grow. And there are many opportunities, but we have to choose the best, to be the best of the best.