CoBros aims to be a leader in the provision of contracting, construction, engineering and procurement services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also aims to create environments for the workplace, home, office, industrial plants, leisure facilities, mosques, embassies, healthcare and educational centers that meet the needs of their users, and the requirements of the clients who commission them.

We achieve this by combining high-level technical expertise in a range of key disciplines with an ever-increasing breadth of experience in the market segments we serve. We employ robust and accountable project management skills to keep every site on schedule and on budget, no matter how complex the program of works.

Safety Policy

We prevent accidental losses by:

    • Operating all our work places in safe and healthy environment.
    • Creating loss prevention awareness amongst all the employees through a comprehensive program facilitated by loss prevention policy and executed by respective site and office management.
    • Ensuring that each leader of an operation, whether at a site or at an office, is directly responsible for the safety of all human and other resources under his charge.