All foreigners planning to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are required to obtain a valid passport and entry visa from a nearby Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia or Consulate. All individuals with a residence permit are required to have an exit or an exit and re-entry visa. This is provided by a Passport Department in the Kingdom upon the request of the Saudi employer or sponsor.

Everyone who enters the Kingdom should have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity and the appropriate visa. Unless you are a visitor from a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council — Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman)country or in transit, all other nationalities require a visa to enter the Kingdom.

Unlike other countries of the GCC, Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas nor is it possible for a hotel to sponsor a visitor. Other than the two types of visas which are only available to Muslims, there exist visitor’s visas, residence visas or transit visas. In all cases, a person entering the Kingdom must have a Saudi sponsor, which means an individual or a company to vouch for the individual’s conduct while in the country. Visas can be obtained from the visa department in the Saudi Embassy of the visitor’s home country or from Saudi Consulates available in all main cities around the world.

All travelers will need a valid passport for their travels to Saudi Arabia. Also, the passport must contain un-used visa pages for the visa to be issued. We recommend traveling with at least 6 months of remaining validity on your passport at all times.

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Do I need a visa and/or work permit?

If you wish to work in Saudi Arabia you will need to secure a job before travelling. This will allow you to obtain a work visa, which your employer should help with. It is not possible to visit Saudi Arabia on a casual basis. UK nationals require a visa for both entry to and exit from Saudi Arabia. Visas can take several months to process and can be held up by a lot of bureaucracy.

How do I apply for a visa and/or work permit?

To gain a visa to enter Saudi Arabia, you will need a sponsor, who may be a personal contact in the country or your new employer. They will apply for the visa on your behalf and will arrange for the necessary forms to be completed. Some companies have people who are specifically assigned to carry out this role. In order to get the visa you will need a passport valid for at least six months, some passport photographs and a medical certificate.

If you are not a UK national, contact the Saudi embassy in the country where you are currently residing about how to obtain visas and work permits. If you are living in the UK, go to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London .

You might also find it helpful to contact your ministry of foreign affairs (or your own embassy if you are not living in your home country) to ask whether there are any issues to be taken into account when considering working in Saudi Arabia.

How do I apply for permanent residency?

The majority of career opportunities for non-Saudi graduates will be fixed term for a number of years and permanent residency is not usually available.